Title:                          Pressa Bella V8 
 Product Code:         TVPBMSC
 Length:                      30 Minute
 Telemarketing:         AIS
 Dubs:                         Treehouse
 Retail:                         2 x $39.95
 Payout:                       $54.00
Pressa Bella - The Dry Steam Iron - Official Site As Seen On TV
The Pressa Bella cuts ironing time in half!
Say Goodbye to wrinkles with the Pressa Bella
Buy the Pressa Bella for just 2 Easy Payments of $39.95 Pressa Bella Dry Steam Iron
Pressa Bella TV Scenes
THE PRESSA BELLA DRY STEAM IRON HAS DUAL INDEPENDENT HEATING ELEMENTS... One for the steam generator and one for the sole plate. Now press and iron on the lowest of temperature, but still get the super heated dry steam you need at the touch of a button.
Steam out wrinkles in your most delicate clothes and garments right on the hanger!
Pressa Bella is a Vertical steamer too!
Pressa Bella is the easiest and most powerful vertical steam iron available today!
The super heated dry steam cleans, deodorizes and sanitizes while you press!
With pressurized, super heated, dry steam, the Pressa Bella leaves clothes dry as a bone! It's the perfect silk steamer!
Smart thermal-technology will never burn, scorch, stick or leave that ugly shine!

Save with the Pressa Bella, the high end garment steamer